Why We Are Here

H2E's strategy is building an infrastructure platform focused on providing competitively priced electric power and hydrogen fuel for zero emission electric vehicles (ZEVs), both cars and heavy-duty trucks and fleets, at well-designed, strategically located, stand-alone fuel stations or "energy centers".

The energy centers can provide customers with the benefits of low to zero greenhouse gas emissions, high performance, and comfort without compromising range and refill time.

H2E centers will produce electric and hydrogen onsite and sell at a price that is on par with or better than gas/diesel.

The competitively priced fuel allows ownership of zero emission vehicles at a real cost savings compared to conventional combustion vehicles.

Having the infrastructure in place and the energy priced fairly further enables both truck and car OEMs to sell new State-mandated emission compliant vehicles.

We will start with centers in the market leading states of such as California, Oregon and Washington, and then develop a nationwide branded network.

We generate hydrogen and electric fuels made from renewable energy because they are carbon-free.

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