H2E's Hydrogen Strategy

H2E has developed an integrated zero emission solution for Hydrogen supply.  H2E will generate its hydrogen from renewable natural gas using a reliable technology known as the Steam Methane Reformer. This method is more cost effective than other methods and will  allow the H2E to produce hydrogen onsite at our Clean Energy Centers.


Our Clean Energy Centers will have up to six islands with two Hydrogen dispensers as well as two Electric fast chargers at each island.

  • Fast and convenient fueling - 24/7
  • Hydrogen produced right on our station site
  • For delivery to clients at or near our site for distributed production


The overall challenge to hydrogen production is cost.  For cost-competitive transportation, hydrogen must be comparable to conventional fuels (gas/diesel). One kilogram of hydrogen is energy equivalent to one gallon of gasoline. 

  • A Toyota’s Mirai carries 5 kgs. of hydrogen with a 320-mile range.
  • A class-8 H2 truck is expected to carry 80 kgs with an 800 plus mile range.
  • Trucks in the US average 6 mpg with the most efficient at 10.5 mpg

H2E will sell Hydrogen retail at a competitively fair price equivalent to diesel.

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