H2E's Electric Strategy

Electric vehicles realize real cost savings in cost per mile traveled compared to conventional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.  Since our power comes from our onsite batteries, we will not be impacted by time of day grid charges so that we can pass this cost savings on to our customers.

H2E’s goals are to ensure charging is readily available and as effortless and as fast as people need it to be, using robust DC Fast Chargers to charge the vehicles at a rate to minimize charging time.


Our Clean Energy Centers will have up to six islands with two Electric fast chargers as well as two Hydrogen dispensers at each island.

  • Fast and convenient fueling - 24/7
  • Electric power stored right at our station site


Our pricing is very simple which is a fixed price in Dollars per kWh that is set to create a real cost savings when compared to a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle.

  • Convenient payment by cell phone, credit card, debit cards, and fleet cards
  • Long-term contract options for Fleets, government, and businesses

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